The Travel Lovers Collection

All items available on 15/11/2018

There is been a lot of different t-shirt designs out there, different collections but we realised that there was something missing. We never saw enough t-shirts or hoodies with designs made for people who seek adventures and love road trips.

Road Trip 2019 - T-Shirt
Adventure Buddies - Crop Sweatshirt
black x
X Beach - Heather Grey Hoodie
World Traveler - T-Shirt

That is the reason why we made this collection. The concept of this is to give the travellers always good looking clothes that express themselfs, fit the travelling sphere and will make memories even more special. 

Adventure Buddies - T-Shirt
X Beach - Sand Hoodie
Travel More - T-Shirt
Road Trip 2019 - Warm Winter Hoodie

Designs like “Adventure Buddies” for example, are perfect for road tripping or going on holiday with your best friend or partner, and getting yourself one t-shirt each. It looks amazing on the photographs (yes, we tried it out!). 

So because we love our customers so much, we are making first a big Pre-Order before the official release. Why? Because this way we can give you HUGE DISCOUNTS! And we all now, that’s all you want isn’t it?

Starting today, the pre order is on and we have only limited number of products that can be pre ordered. So if you really want to get one , you better hurry.

World Traveler - Warm Winter Hoodie
Alpaca Bag - T-Shirt
X crop sweatshirt
X Beach - Crop Sweatshirt
Adventure Buddies - Warm Winter Hoodie

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