17 reviews for 🔥Perfect Eyelashes Brush Set for Procreate🔥

  1. Jayy

    Really enjoying the brushes 😉

  2. acacia.s.22

    Can you make a tutorial for a full eye using those brushes too? I would love to see it, but anyway I love the set

  3. rengar


  4. soursei11

    Those are great ?❤❤

  5. Xandra-ons

    In the beginning I could not figure out how to use the brushes as good as alicjanai on her videos, but after a few tries it was easy and smooth! You just got to select the area or draw under a white layer (eye) and it is the best eyelashes brush set ever!

  6. sam-x2

    I only draw for fun, and this brush set makes procreate even more enjoyable thank you alicjanai!

  7. Amina.64

    Those are literally the best eyelash brushes for Procreate, no joke

  8. Assyta18

    It took me a few days to get used to them, but now it’s so easy and handy and just satisfying to use. I love iiiit!

  9. peytondraws

    I love these brushes. Ive used them to draw eyelashes since I bought them a week ago, and I got totally used to it already, also thanks to your videos ? Recommended ?‍♀️

  10. Georgina S.

    If you are looking for amazing eyelash brushes that will do their job PERFECTLY than this is the one ? Thank you Alicjanai for fast reply and support with downloading the brushes!!

  11. Aphidrose

    These brushes are so fluid!! It makes drawing eyelashes so easy! Thanks so much you are a lifesaver!

  12. Lynmae

    Took some practice to get used to them but now i get the eyelash effect i want! Love these brushes!

  13. Emery

    Fav eyelashes brush set ?

  14. Darya

    Thanks for these brushes? really cool?

  15. Lila Jo Earle

    amazing! definitely a brush that you NEED! made drawing lashes so much easier!

  16. Halseyy

    Thank you for the last update!!!

  17. Halseyy

    Best brushes for eyelashes on Procreate, def recommend ✌️

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