16 reviews for 🎨Paint Brush Set for Procreate🎨

  1. soursou00

    Im so happy with those brushes thank you for making and sharing them! ❤

  2. I dont know

    Very helpful

  3. Annemiekvdb97

    So amazing, I just went from traditional painting technique to digital, and was looking for the best brushes that will feel similar. To be honest I already loved how it looked like on your videos, but when I tried it myself I was still positively shocked! I love it, 5/5

  4. no name artist

    Thank you for quick help with installation! I definitely enjoy the paint brush set, really people it’s worth it ?

  5. magicali

    I love painting with these! It’s first day of trying it out, but I already love this ? I have already 3 of your brush sets on Procreate btw✌️

  6. Censeyy

    These painting brushes are literally just amazing

  7. Purpleanimal39

    I just saw your video of you drawing on your iPad with these brushes, and I hoped so much that for me they will work as cool as it did for you and I’m not disappointed ???❤️

  8. tessss

    I have watched your YouTube videos and you recommend these brush sets and tbh I’m so happy with them and that I found your channel ❤️ ik just beginning to draw on Procreate and your tutorials help me so much ✨

  9. daisyartist12

    This brush set is my favorite ?

  10. Marc

    These brushes are incredibly realistic, I am really surprised with how well they imitate oil brushes for example… Great job!

  11. Ellie

    They are pressure sensitive and easy to blend, and also provides a nice soft appearance and texture. Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in character creation and design.

  12. Grace

    Is there an app this is too much money

  13. Deborah

    Dies sind die besten Pinsel für realistische Zeichnungen! Ich liebe dies!#desbeste

  14. Jenna

    I use it for everything they are very good ✨✨

  15. Anonymous

    This is fenomenal

  16. karla

    hola, alguno que hable español? que sea de Colombia, quisiera saber cuanto es ese dinero en peso Colombiano, no se como pagar

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