11 reviews for 🍑Juicy Hair Brush Set🍑

  1. Kakashi

    These brushes are soo smooth how is it even possible ?❤️️

  2. Nabila

    Good brush

  3. Emery

    I love them so muuuuch ? Never found better hair brushes for Procreate or Photoshop, they are soo smooth

  4. Aru

    Watched the YouTube video of her using these brushes and I had to buy them! First time actually buying purchasing procreate brushes from someone but I was not disappointed! I LOVE these brushes so much they are so soft and smooth. I’ve fallen in love with the flat hair brush in particular and I have been using it for literally EVERYTHING from sketch to line-art to shading! ???

  5. Why name it Juicy? It’s HAIR

    Love the brush hate the name

  6. pumpking009

    They are truly juicy it’s true, tbh i draw hair and shading with it too

  7. sleepysheep

    it is actually so smooth I can’t, thank you for sharing them ?

  8. Maxyne Salas

    The only brushes I’ve bought and the only ones I need! I love everything Alicja done and her brushes are worth every cent. 10/10

  9. Cerss

    I have this set for a year now but just wanted to say that I love the new brushes you added with sharp edges, It’s so nice to get brushes for free hahaha

  10. Darya

    Absolutely amazing! These brushes so cool and smooth I’ve never seen before. I love it so much!

  11. Nyguen

    Once you buy them, you wont be able to draw without them. So good!!! ?

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