4 reviews for 🍑Juicy Hair Brush Set🍑

  1. Kakashi

    These brushes are soo smooth how is it even possible 😩❤️️

  2. Nabila

    Good brush

  3. Emery

    I love them so muuuuch 🙉 Never found better hair brushes for Procreate or Photoshop, they are soo smooth

  4. Aru

    Watched the YouTube video of her using these brushes and I had to buy them! First time actually buying purchasing procreate brushes from someone but I was not disappointed! I LOVE these brushes so much they are so soft and smooth. I’ve fallen in love with the flat hair brush in particular and I have been using it for literally EVERYTHING from sketch to line-art to shading! 😭😭🙈

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