8 reviews for 💎Glitter Brush Set for Procreate💎

  1. notsobadartist

    OMG this set is my dream coming true thank you for sharing😩

  2. MSobrien97


  3. haileyst.yle14

    That is the third brush set I ordered from here, and I never get disappointed. I use this set mostly on make up and glitters on clothing (perfect for it) and I enjoy it incredibly! Procreate without your brushes would be boring!

  4. Cornelia99828

    I love it its so aesthetic 🌸 All your Procreate brushes are so gooood

  5. Erika Stopková

    I love you

  6. Erika Stopková

    Hi so very good

  7. Erika Stopková

    It looks perfect!💜

  8. Erika Stopková

    It looks perfect!💜

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