23 reviews for ğŸŽ€Cartoon ish Make Up Brush Set ProcreateğŸŽ€

  1. janett t.

    This set is so incredible!! Thank you 🙂

  2. angela

    Now every of my drawings will have the freckles

  3. GoosyArt


  4. Ej

    Upon contacting the artist about the problems of not being able to download the brushes; I wish I could change my previous review, they have replied instantly and provided instructions and great customer service.


    I wanted to have a freckles brush for so long glad I found it 😉

  6. beckhilton

    100/100 I recommend this one the most!

  7. badhabitsarte

    This is the best brush set for cartoon styled drawings ? Also the best freckles brushes I ever purchased for procreate (or other programs) because it automatically makes it look pretty natural ?

  8. Jackie

    10/10 best make up brush set I have ever came across. The freckles are A1 y’all. Get this set!!

  9. _bad_idea_


  10. Mathias

    Another great set of brushes! These armé the best ones out there IF you ask me!! They are worth the money y’all!

  11. haileyst.yle14

    The extra smooth edges brush set is litteraly the best brush I have ever used. You need nothing else to color in and shade easily, I am so surprised something like that could even be made! I am a beginning artist so it is such a helpful set. Your procreate videos are also such a big inspiration for making new digital drawings ?

  12. demito_22

    Thanks for sharing this amazing brush set ✨ You have definetily the bestt brushes for Procreate out there

  13. hoo

    I love the extra smooth edges brush ❤

  14. Frier__mio

    I am really happy with this set, it is great for coloring and freckles (I love adding freckles). You have litteraly the best brushes for Procreate? Will you be making those also for other programs?

  15. Monica

    Just wanted to say that Procreate wouldn’t be the same without this set for me

  16. monica0311

    The Extra smooth coloring brush is my favorite, I always use it to color ?

  17. Kaylin Steward

    I love the clean feeling when I use the coloring brush, and how easy it is to add freckles to my OC’s! I really admire your art and all your custom brushes, these are my favorite together with the sketch brush set ?

  18. Abby grace

    Great Brushes! Totally worth the price! I love blending with these. They are great if you are a beginner like me and are just starting to mess around with portraits and things like that. My favorite/ most used brushes are in this set!

  19. kevin


  20. Sophie Gander

    Ich liebe diese pinsel! Sie sind perfekt für Make-up! (duh)

  21. Zoey

    I’ve bought a few of her brush sets but this ones my favorite. The freckles are so useful and I love coloring with the rest of them. Plus they’re relatively cheap. 10/10

  22. Mia

    Love them

  23. Nyguen

    So good, I cant live without them now! I use these brushes for literally every drawing, And i have a cartoon like style ✌️

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