11 reviews for 🌈Basic Portrait Brush Set Procreate🌈

  1. JannetM

    So in love with this set.. Just what I was looking for thank you for sharing!

  2. Mai

    This set is what I need! I love it

  3. brianrick1112

    It makes drawing a lot faster, recommended

  4. jellyfish

    I am really recommending this set, it is really easy to use and can be all you need for a realistic drawing (included hair, skin, blending, highlight brushes) I couldn’t be more satisfied, thank you for sharing those amazing brushes
    Sophia ❣

  5. Jackie

    So so good! 100/100. Love this set

  6. isa&bellaart

    After sending an email asking for help I got an answer and solved the problem in the same day! I really appreciate it ? Also the brushes re amazing

  7. nothingtoanything

    This set is really incredible ❣ I love how shading and making any realistic drawing is made so easy on Procreate with those brushes man!

  8. Mathias

    This set is Amazing! It’s so perfect and easy to use!! I really do Recommend buying this! 1000/1000

  9. Berrry.peya

    best brushes for realistic paintings for procreate, also thanks for fast response on my email!

  10. dragondraws_11

    I found your drawings so beautiful, I had to try out your brushes as well ? And I can only say THEY ARE AMAZING

  11. Hanna.v.d.l

    First set I ever bought from any artist that I actually use every single brush from ?

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