How to Draw Hands For Beginners

Beginners want to know how to draw hands. Intermediate artists want to know how to draw
effortlessly. Advanced artists… don’t want to draw hands.

Watch This Video to see a real time tutorial on how to draw hands with this easy method.

You don’t want to draw every detail. 
I figured out a way to draw hands in these interesting sections that will make it way easier for you to translate the reality into paper.
Here you can see some examples of the hands drawings I did using this method:

This technique makes it easy to draw hands smooth like butter.

You can already notice what kind of sectioning what kind of technique i’m going to try and teach you today. Now look at the fingers. You can’t see this part this part of the fingers. I don’t acknowledge their existence, they don’t exist for me.

I don’t need to acknowledge their existence, we already have so many bones in our hands, we don’t need ten more, so I just don’t draw them.

The Basics

There are the sausage fingertips, we can call them the SIPS.
And there are the finger base which we can call a FACE.

finger guidelines how to draw hands
Finger guidelines

You need to focus on those two things when you draw, the base of the hand is not that important today.

It’s pretty easy actually you just need to look at the reference because it gives you a good example. If you don’t use reference you just like to suffer and that’s it there’s no other explanation for it. Just use your freaking reference. 

Step One

First make the basic shape for your hand. Nothing too difficult, try to be pretty accurate. I don’t really have any extra explanation for this step.

hand shape guideline draw

Then move to the fingers. You just need to make an outline which will help you define what kind of movement the hand is making.

Nothing too detailed, nothing too difficult.
Then draw the fingertip for your thumb on the hand.

Step Two

drawing fingers hand guidelines easy

This is the most satisfying part. Secondly draw the fingertips of the hand. Then remember that they need to be pretty long and pretty sausage-like. Try to do that and you can change the composition of them a little bit.

You can shade it a little bit, but try to keep the movement and the dynamics a little bit the same.

Step Tree

And then just connect your finger tips the sausage tips – the sips – with the hand. When you connect them, think about the finger base.

We’ll see just take a pretty thick sketching brush so you don’t think too much about the details. I am just using my Sketchy Lineart Brush from my Sketchy Brush Set for Procreate.

The thumb can be a little bit tricky, just make sure to look at your reference when you draw hands with this tutorial.

The last thing you do is using an airbrush eraser, and then making the lines sharper with the linear brush.

Finally you should be done, for more clarification make sure to check out my Youtube Tutorial.

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