In this Tutorial I will show you how to draw face structure with a few easy steps. 

I made a quick video instruction that will make it easy for you to follow the tutorial and replay it as many times as you need, to memorize all the steps. Watch before reading! (scroll down to watch)

This face drawing tutorial is made on Procreate, using iPad Pro 12.9 inch and an Apple Pencil. 

Step 1 (only tablet users):

You need to create 2 layers, first one for the guidelines, and another for the sketch/lineart.

Step 2: 

Follow the video tutorial to sketch the guidelines. It’s important to follow the order correctly, to avoid disproportions.

Important: You need to adjust the structure of the guidelines if you want to draw a particular face. For example, make the jaw smaller, chin broader, eyes further apart or a bigger nose. This method is easily adjustable, so you should not struggle too much. You can watch this video right here to get a full detailed explanation on this topic. You can also read our blog about face structures here.

Step 3:

For digital artists: Set the first layer where you drew the guidelines on lower opacity, and select the second layer you created in step one. 

Before you begin with the face sketch, try to imagine what shape every face part should be. It makes it easier to get your drawing look the way you intend to. Now you can begin drawing, do it slowly and don’t be afraid to erase! Before you warm up properly, it can take even 10 tries to get the first eye done, but it’s normal. Even the best artist in the world need a little warm up.

Step 4: 

Add some details, and you are done! Delete the guidelines layer if needed, but not necessarily. I, personally, like to leave a light sketch layer in the background, it adds to the character of a drawing (at least in my style). 


If you are not happy with the results, just try again! Remember that this method will not work for everyone, but I’m sure that if you adjust it a little to make it fit your style or aesthetics, it still can be really helpful! 

Thank you for reading my tutorial, make sure to check out my other drawing tutorials on my website (click here to see more tutorials).

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