How to download and install Procreate Brushes?

The following Instructions are for Procreate 4. This short instruction will explain how to download and install your new Procreate brush set direct through your ipad.

Downloading and installing Procreate brush sets directly on your iPad

1. Open the download link

After checkout,  you will land on a order confirmation page. It looks like on the screenshot below, by clicking on the butten under “Download”, you will be redirected to the file page. 

The second way is to open your email, and download your brush set through the link in there. It is the same link, so it redirects you to the same page as the first one.

After-checkout redirect page.

Email order confirmation.

(I made a test order to view all the steps and make screenshots, that is the reason why the total says “$0.00”.)

2. Open your brush set with Procreate

Now you should see this page. All you need to do is click on “More…” swipe through the applications until you see Procreate, than click on it.

Here you see the landing page of brush set download.

After clicking “More…”, this options appear. Choose Procreate.

3. Your brushes are now installed and working

It is a very simple installation, so now it all should be on Procreate and working fine.

But if you are experiencing issues, feel free to contact us HERE.

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