How to color in easily on Procreate?

A lot of people ask me how do I color in so easily like on my Instagram videos, and today I will explain how to use my Procreate brushes properly, and what tips and tricks I find the most important.

First of all, the most asked question in the comment section on my Instagram is:

“How do you color in without painting over your sketch lines?”

It is also the question with the easiest answer. All you have to do is using a couple of layers.

My layers are most of the times in this order:
1. Lineart (or sketch that you want to leave on the top).
2. Make up/face details.
3. Shading
4. Skin color fill
5. Rough sketch that you want to draw over

I have always more layers than 5, but the order is never different. When you put lineart on the top, it is no effort to color it in like on this video.

Alse in later steps, I use one or more layers between skin color fill and lineart to add as many face details/makeup I want.

The second important tool that I use for coloring in

The Extra Smooth Edges Coloring Brush

I am using this brush for literally every drawing’s skin and shadows. While simply coloring, it’s possible to create both hard edge and smooth edge shadows in just one stroke. This brush is optimized to the point that coloring becomes a incredibly relaxing and fun thing to do.

It’s important to have tools that you can be really handy with and have a possibility to work faster and more creative every daincredibly

How to use this brush properly? 
When you want to make hard edge shadow, you should press your Apple Pencil more. Later if you want to blend it out or make a subtle soft edges shadow, press it very softly and viola! – after some practice you can do it in no time, like me.

Where can I find this brush? 
This brush is a included in my Cartoon-ish Makeup Brush Set and you can use this discount code: C10 to get 10% OFF on this set. Expiry date: 2019-03-30

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