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The lessons include several studies on faces which is the main focus of this course. We analyse faces from every perspective, studying the nature of every face feature and how it is affected by positioning. We take this difficult topic and put it into easy explanations and presentations. Together we will draw 27 faces.

We will also take face expressions under the microscope, and learn to understand how every muscle of the face reactes to all of the human emotions. Some of the muscles you didn’t even know existed will be touched on, but also the muscles you did know exsist on your face, but just didnt know about the impact they make while conveying emotions. We uncover every secret of face expressions, again putting it into easy to understand language in this study.

You will also receive a Reference Pack which will include many reference pictures, including all of the Face Perspective references, together with the Face Expression references, including way more than what we will study so you can also easily practice by yourself.

This is a topic that gets way too little attention in my opinion, because for me this basic knowledge is the key to creating beautiful artworks. Contrasts come in so many different forms, and in this course we will dissect every one of those contrasts and discuss their purpose and correct use with help of examples I constructed myself for this course only. I gave my heart and soul to this section, just so I can make sure everyone watching will understand the topic thoroughly.

Using my artworks as examples, I will make you see all of the details that normally are hard to catch, but make enormous difference in the whole look of a drawing. The examples you see here are only a small fraction of what is waiting for you in the course.

We are diving deep into the mechanics of color and how it bounces off of everything around you. Learning how to find the right colors will allow you to create realistic illusions and add depth to your illustrations.

First we take this pretty complicated concept and lay it down in the easiest way possible. It’s easier to build from that into the complex details rather than jumping head first into the difficult topic that is Color Theory.

Step by step, we elevate the difficulty, taking the study onto a realistic ball and color it in two different environments. After finishing this lesson, we are ready to dive into the really fascinating exercise – Environment Study.

We will take the knowledge and experience we acquiered about Color Theory, in the previous segments of this course, and we will use it to color and shade the same character in two different environments sunny, witch lots of trees around, and sunny with a clear blue sky. This will create understanding and will put your knowledge in the right places. We will learn the techniques of choosing colors, deciding on the contrasts and structuring the different shades in a semi-relistic way – which is a combination of realistic and stylised painting.

Of course, every program information – Procreate – is included. Every information that I find important, because I don’t want to bombard my students with unnecessary information. This is a very niche course that focuses on Semi-Realism in digital art, and I want to teach you exactly that. It means that the basics of realism will be covered, but we also make time to think about stylization and abstract creation. We will also touch a little bit on brushes customization.

This is a very exciting segment in this course. We go on this big journey of creating an artwork together from 0 to 100%. I will show you every little part that is eventually essential in making the final result look mesmerizing. From sketching, through shading, rendering, and final touches. Sounds easy but it’s a long journey, but don’t worry, I explain everything important as I go, and don’t leave any parts of the process out of it.

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How to truly prepare yourself for drawing, from body, through canvas to environment.


2.1 Prepare Your Brain 2.2 Prepare Your Workspace 2.3 Prepare Your Canvas

The Basics of Art

Here I will teach you all the important basic information that you need, explaining it in a way everyone will understand with examples of every kind.


3.1 The Family Of Contrasts 3.2 Color Theory 3.3 Environtment Study

Sketching from every angle

Here I will teach you how to sketch digitally, first touching on the technical, moving into sketching compositions, anatomy, and diving really deep into understanding the nature of sketching a face. We will study a face from every angle and multiple face expressions.


4.1 Transitioning from Traditional to Digital Art 4.2 Choosing the Right Sketching Brushes 4.3 Composition Basics 4.4 Dynamic Sketching 4.5 Face Perspectives Study 4.6 Face Expressions Study

Final Drawing Process

In this section we will go through my whole drawing process, showing you the rough and the beautiful parts of it. No detail will be ignored, we will exhaust this topic as much as we can so you get 100% real perspective and image of how I create a final piece of art on Procreate.


5.1 Sketching From Reference 5.2 Shading First Steps 5.3 Color Diversity, Shading and Rendering 5.4 Creating Face Harmony 5.5 Abstract Work (Paint) 5.6 Rendering and Eyes 5.7 Final Speedpaint