My name is Alicja, and I am a Digital Artist.

I am creating digital portraits on Procreate since 2017, but I have been drawing for 20 years already. I mean, everyone has been drawing since they held their pencil for the first time, right? But seriously, I have been drawing since I remember and I always loved it the most in my life.  

The things that I like the most about creating art of any kind is the complicated nature of dynamics, colors and contrasts of different kinds (there are different contrasts, you know if you watch my videos). I love learning new ways to elevate the movement, dynamics, colors, emotions, compositions in my art. Learning is what I do every day and I love that.

I also became an expert in playing and creating brushes of different kind. Making a brush in Procreate is not easy, but its worth the hard work. For me the brush that I use is crucial for my performance. I can’t draw with a wrong brush, it drives me crazy. 

That’s why I created my own sets with DOZENS of brushes. Every single one is perfect for a different kind of job. And this place (my website) is where I share them with those who are interested 🙂

If you decide to get my brushes, I will be forever thankful because you are the reason why I can keep doing art as my job, so thank you!

Have a great Art Journey, 

Alicja Nai