5 best drawing references websites

Drawing reference websites

There are a lot of different drawing reference websites artists use to improve their drawing skills or create another illustration. Today I will talk about 5 best drawing reference website I found online.

1. Quickposes.com

Timed Practices for Artists - drawing references websites

Quickposes.com is one of the best drawing reference websites out there. You can do a lot of different timed practices, just like hands, poses, animals, feet or landscapes. To be more precise, you can also pick the gender and naked or with clothing references.

You can determine how many images to show in one practice, and how much time you need for one drawing.

What I like the most about quickposes.com is that you can make a timed practice about precise body parts like women/men hands, because there are a lot of artists struggling with it. Me too.

2. Pinterest.com

Beautiful references with sphere and style on Pinterest.com , one of the best drawing references websites

If you like more creative and modern poses – Pinterest is something for you. It is a preferred drawing reference wesbite of many artists, because of how easy it is to find what you are looking for.

really like using Pinterest, because it already gives you the sphere and style in most of the pictures. You don’t only learn the anatomy, but also get inspired and find interesting illustrations.

3. Line-of-action.com

Drawing references websites - Timed Practices with References on Line-of-Action.com

The feature that makes line-of-action different is the faces and expressions tool. You can learn drawing different expressions like sad, happy, angry surprised or goofy, which is a fun and handy option. Bit has also feet & hands, animals and poses practice. There is a lot to learn form at this website, you can also go to a forum or read some interesting posts about references.

4. Terawell.net – Design Doll

3D Drawing Referance Software - Drawing References Websites

This is a program you can download on your PC. You can choose a free or a payed version of Design Doll, although the free version has almost the same options as the $79 one.

Of course, there are a lot of pros and cons of this program. The biggest advantage is that you can create any pose you want, which can save you a lot of time you would need to find a perfect reference for your vision. But unfortunately, you will not get a 100% realistic and anatomy correct pose out of it. Even with the most realistic proportions, the 3D cluster of polygons still can’t replicate the layers of flesh and muscle of a real human body.

It may be not the most reliable pose reference tool, but it is sure a different and unique one so I decided to share it with you anyways. I hope some of you will like it.

Drawing references webites.

Free Reference Catalogue by Onairvideo.com - Drawing References Websites

Drawing references webites.

Drawing references webites.

On website onairvideo.com there is a big drawing reference catalogue available for free. Those photos are mostly naked models in a lot of different poses and pretty minimalistic backgrounds.

The poses are often really difficult, which is a great exercise for people with a little more drawing skills who want to improve more and more. Also beginners can try to draw those poses, it is always okay to set the bar higher.

Other useful drawing references links:






Drawing references webites.

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  1. I don’t know why you did not include easydrawingart.com in this list. I often draw with their lessons, and I think there is nothing simpler and more beautiful.

  2. Jenna you’re an idiot you can only get your computer harmed if you DOWNLOAD harmful files not browse websites lmao

  3. “Jenna you’re an idiot you can only get your computer harmed if you DOWNLOAD harmful files not browse websites lmao”

    That’s not true, there are scripts that can harm your computer/user…but now days modern browsers are safer because they do not use legacy plug-ins like flash and activeX.

    But I had no problem with these links. 🙂

  4. Pinterest is full of stolen images with no artist credits, so its really not a great resource for artists drawing their own works. I’m surprised to see it here.

  5. THANKS for all this, Ever since Croquis Cafe went behind a paywall I’ve been a bit stuck. Not now – tried sketchdaily and its great if odd at times: some posed “models” look strange and there’s a nice lot of historical poses.

  6. Jenna really wasn't being that rude- maybe she was on the wrong link or something

    Okay thank you Ivan for the Easy Drawing link- and wooooow, poor Jenna- lmao reading this thread made me laugh really hard

  7. I lowkey feel bad for jenna

    Ayo all I was tryna do was find a few websites to help me with my art and yall had to distract me with this Jenna thread lmfao

  8. everyone's name is killing me ?

    came here for the websites, stayed for the comment section ?

  9. great resource for drawing and 3d modeling students. I love line of action and sketch daily reference because of simplicity and high resoultion posed male and female models that are great for practice anatomy and drawing.


    im just here to learn how to draw, why is everyone hate jenna HAHAHA


    And now im here wondering, how’s life for jenna(2020) and ivan(2019)?.

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  14. Reference websites are now gems in this pandemic time, many artists can’t go to classes to practice with real models. With that thought, I have also checked the internet for a variety of reference websites for our artists.

    I have a few reference websites that you have on the list, but also a few others.

    I have noticed that for figure drawing is easy to find on websites, but wildlife reference is very hard.

    My list of reference websites for artist.

    My list of reference websites for artist.

  15. what in the world is going on here

    why do you need to be a hater of someone in a comment section?
    also thank you for the sites, very useful.

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  19. Comment section: Jenna hate train arc

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  21. ohhhh Jenna Jenna Jenna… what are we going to do about Jennaaaaa… lol I just remembered Jax’s song, “Victoria’s Secret” and I’m like, “Jenna? oh yea, she was made up by a dude. Like really, she’s a dude.”

  22. ohhhh Jenna Jenna Jenna… what are we going to do about Jennaaaaa… lol I just remembered Jax’s song, “Victoria’s Secret” and I’m like, “Jenna? oh yea, she was made up by a dude. Like really, she’s a dude.”

  23. I came here for reference sources but this thread is so funny xD
    I’m quite sure that Jenna even never visited this site again.

  24. YALL its been 4 years and why r people supporting her, most of them don’t cost money but yes she was right with the harmful thing

  25. hey everyone if your reading this I wish you all a nice day and a happy life also I wanna see Ivan again he was my favorite character hope we get a season 2 of this

  26. hey everyone I came here for art references instead I got a whole season 1 of Jenna against the world type show thanks for that and I hope for a season 2

    Ps: I want to see Ivan make a return in season 2

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