Welcome to the digital art wonderland. My name is Alicja, I’m a digital artist, brushes creator and online art teacher. You are welcome to explore my digital brushes and the Digital Art course.


11 Biggest Mistakes In Digital Art

This is a list I made explaining the biggest digital art mistakes in my opinion. I believe that if you try to avoid those mistakes, your art process will be 10 times easier and you can expect much better results! I learned those mistakes by my own experience, so learn from me, and you will

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How to Draw Hands For Beginners

Beginners want to know how to draw hands. Intermediate artists want to know how to draweffortlessly. Advanced artists… don’t want to draw hands. Watch This Video to see a real time tutorial on how to draw hands with this easy method. You don’t want to draw every detail. I figured out a way to draw hands

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Grow your Instagram as an artist

How to grow on Instagram as an Artist in 6 steps

In this blog, I will show you how to grow your Instagram account as an Artist. It’s basically like riding on a bike, and I will explain why. 1. Quality The quality of your content is just like your bike. Without a bike, you need to walk and it will take way longer than your

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